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Illuminating an imperial icon

03 Sep 2018

 Signify illuminates Vietnam's former Imperial City of Hue with architectural LED lighting

Vietnam's most important historical and cultural monument, the 'Imperial City' of Hue has been spectacularly illuminated with Philips Color Kinetics technology by Signify.

Revitalising history
The thick stone walls of Hue's fortress offered protection to citizens of the 'Imperial City' for nearly a century and a half.

Once only accessible to royalty, the Imperial City has been revitalised with the latest lighting technology. The new illumination of the monument is not only to preserve and honour the historical value of the monument but also to create a special attraction at night, attracting many tourists and locals alike.

Vivid, fiery and dynamic
Bright pinks, deep purples and vivid greens are used to illuminate the walls and the impressive 'Flag Tower' that can be seen for miles along the Perfume River.

The new lighting is able to create spectacular light shows that include simulating the firing of 'cannons' set in the walls of the tower. The LED lighting system is anticipated to be up to 75% more energy efficient than conventional lighting systems.

Project summary

  • About the project: Signify worked closely with Vietravel Company, which commissioned the project. The project was sponsored by the Chairman of Thua Thien-Hue provincial People's Committee, the lighting installation was completed in March 2018

  • Technology used: 270 Philips Color Kinetics Vaya linear RGB LP and 155 Philips Color Kinetics Vaya Flood RGB LP controlled by LSM gen 5 1000.

  • Other landmarks lit by Signify in Vietnam include the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Ha Long Bridge in Bai Chay, Hang Dau Bridge and Nhat Tan Bridge in Hanoi.

Signify became the new company name of Philips Lighting as of May 16, 2018.

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