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An international perspective on a local level

03 Jun 2019

New and intelligent street lighting will provide Bergen municipality in Norway with savings of up to 70 percent when all street lights have been replaced in 2019. (Photo by Halvor Gudim.)


Bringing together a range of experts, the 7th Annual Smart Lighting Summit will focus on the shifting nature of the lighting industry. Presentations across the two days will include informative case studies from the perspective of councils pre and post lighting deployments, intelligent international initiatives and the potential applications for lighting with a smart city infrastructure.

Utilising international expertise, this year we are hosting 4 key players from 3 different countries to represent their community in relation to the Australian market and inform future local developments in new, previously unseen ways. 

Representing Lighting Europe (LE) will be Katia Valerie Banoun, Managing Director of Lyskultur in Norway. Banoun will discuss LE's standing as the industry association that represents the lighting industry within Europe. Banoun will explore the Strategic Roadmap 2025 of the European Lighting Industry, the concept of smart lighting public spaces for humans and the unique nature of Nordic light.

From the West Coast of the United States of America, Kerney R. Marine (City of Los Angeles) and Erik Caldwell (City of San Diego) with present on North American intelligent lighting advancements taking place in their respective cities.

Marine will touch on the benefits of connected and smart lighting in relation to lessons learnt through deployment in Los Angeles. As Assistant Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting, Marine will discuss the realised benefits of HID to LED conversions, remote monitoring applications and its evolution, and the past, present and future smart city landscape in LA.

As Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Smart and Sustainable Communities within the City of San Diego, Erik Caldwell will showcase what has been described as the largest project ever to be undertaken by a municipality. Thanks to the projects implementation San Diego will see a boost in the deployment of Internet of Thing (IOT) applications in relation to street lighting fixtures and smart city infrastructure.

Santosh Thakur, General Manager of Energy Efficiency Services Limited in India, will present on the South East Asian country's national street lighting program. Addressing the need to create affordable energy efficient public infrastructure, this program also targets the desire to be future-proof. Implementing LED "smart lights" that are connected via a web-based system has enabled the remote operation of all street lighting and resulted in not only a reduction of light pollution but also operational cost savings.

The 7th Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit will host Banoun, Marine, Caldwell, Thakur and other expert speakers on the 28th - 29th August at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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