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Australian LED Lighting manufacturer develops world’s first 9” LED driving light to shine 1 lux at 1.8km

03 Jun 2019

Having identified a need in the market for a long-distance driving light in Australia, the Ultra Vision development team got to work to answer two questions.

1.       Could LED replace HID (High Intensity Discharge) for a more reliable long-distance option

2.       If it can be done, what would the practicality of such a beam be?

Question 1 could be answered by the optics team doing simulations and working with different LED chips.  A beam pattern from 2 lamps was formed which delivered 1 lux at 1.8km with 100 Deg of width.  Fairly confident that there was nothing to beat this on the market, they then looked a question 2.  Clearly, in many situations having a driving light shining nearly 2km down the road is not required or even wanted.  However, for truck drivers doing long hauls or for the real extremists, it's a ‘must have'.

To make it more functional, the team then experimented by incorporating a Hi/Lo mode where the lamp can be switched to 20% power, reducing the distance to 600m.  By adding this feature with the exceptional distance of full beam, Ultra Vision believe they have a lamp that is not only exceptional, but also practical.

In order to make this performance possible, the body has been redesigned and care has been taken to make it as slim as possible (95mm) even with the additional depth of the reflector.  Using the proven 4mm stainless steel bracket from other 9" models and offering a 5 year no-quibble warranty.

Is this the end of the road for development of LED's?  We hardly think so as progress in this market has been fast for the past 10 years and shows no sign of slowing down.  We believe that LED's, Laser or whatever technology is around the corner, will continue to improve, delivering higher performance with less current draw, long into the future.  We also believe that it is on us as Australian based manufacturers, to keep at the cutting edge of these technologies to keep our place at the forefront of the international trucking and 4WD sector.

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