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Colour-changing enhances the renovated Scobee Education Center

02 Sep 2019

Edited by Warren Julian

Above:  Several views of the observation deck's perimeter lighting at the Scobee Planetarium in San Antonio, Texas.


Located on the campus of San Antonio College Texas, the recently expanded and renovated Scobee Education Centre showcases San Antonio's heritage and future as an aerospace hub, as well as the wonders of space and career opportunities in aerospace engineering, science and technology.

The centre includes the Scobee Planetarium, an icon in the community for more than 50 years. As part of the project, the planetarium was expanded from one-and-a-half stories to three stories and now includes an observation deck, where night-time stargazing events connect students and the city's citizens with the universe.

During such events, colour-changing LED fixtures glow around the perimeter of the deck close to the ground, they serve as an energizing and modern design element, while also providing appropriate illumination.

A key consideration was keeping light levels low enough to preserve night vision, so that guests could best view the starlight overhead. While the luminaires do provide an exceptionally bright glow, they also can be set at low light levels - making them the right choice for this project. Also, thanks to an array of programming options, they can set a mood with colour, depending on the season or holiday.

The luminaires coordinate well with other lighting in the space as well as the overall project design, with its many sculptural elements. Among those is the Challenger Learning Centre, an education-focused addition created by Challenger families - one of several such centres located around the world. The Scobee Education Centre is named for Francis "Dick" Scobee, Challenger commander.

Credits:  This project used iLight's Hynoptica luminaires. The lighting design and architecture was by Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects, Inc.

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