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IEC Lighting Standards Meetings

02 Dec 2019

Lighting Council Australia Technical Manager David Crossley recently attended three days of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards meetings in Shanghai, China. These IEC lighting standards committee meetings enabled national representatives to come together and discuss the development of the international luminaire and control gear standards.                          

The IEC process allows Australian market and standards developments to be reported as well as international standards proposals to include the consideration of all country's requirements. This aims to develop sufficient safety standards to meet current market and consumer expectations as well as reduce technical barriers to trade.

The ninth edition of the IEC 60598.1 standard for luminaires is well progressed and likely to be published in mid-2020. The ninth edition will contain changes (Some minor and some significant) in the following areas: Fixing of covers; Blue light hazard; AC mains appliance inlets; User instructions; EMF safety; Insulation requirements; Functional and protective earths; Protection against fast rotating parts; IP testing; Voltage marking; Cord anchorage; Leakage current testing; Requirements for constant light output luminaires; Tumbling barrel test; Ethernet power supply for luminaires; Track mounted luminaires; Electric Strength; Recessed luminaires; Metal gland torque test; Use of bridging capacitors; Mechanical strength; and Class III plugs.

Importantly, the changes propose to increase the stringency of the testing of recessed luminaires able to be covered with thermal insulation. The Australian Standard for recessed luminaires is currently very different to the international standard and this change will bring the international standard slightly closer to the Australian Standard without complete alignment.

The draft fourth edition of IEC 61347.1 control gear standard is well progressed and due to be finalised in 2020. The draft contains proposed changes in the following areas: Insulation of control circuits; Revision Annex L and new Annex U; Moisture resistance and insulation; Transformer standard reference; Electric strength; Use of bridging capacitors; Tissue paper; PELV; Clearance distances; Fault conditions - Internal Fusing/Protective Capability; SELV; Test sequence for independent controlgear; reference to 61189-2; Reduced voltages for ELV, for interrupted DC voltages (PWM); Electric strength tests in production - source

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