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Report non-conforming products

02 Dec 2019

One of the biggest issues facing the lighting industry is the prevalence of non-conforming product. Lighting equipment is subject to a host of different regulations and laws when it comes to supply and installation, and frequently we hear stories of business who wilfully or ignorantly do not comply with these requirements.

Last year, in response to growing complaints, Lighting Council published an online portal where Members and the general public are able to report products that are suspected of non-conformance. When reported, Lighting Council goes to lengths to substantiate claims and then pass on reports to the relevant regulator. These include state-based electrical safety offices, the Commonwealth energy efficiency regulator, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

To their credit, regulators have been quick to act on reports of non-compliant products and welcome market intelligence to assist in their compliance activities.

In Queensland, the Electrical Safety Office was quick to act on the report of a business that was selling ceiling fans (level 3) without the necessary pre-market requirements of EESS registration and supporting documentation. The ESO issued a compliance notice and has since audited the supplier's other products.

In New South Wales, the Office of Fair Trading acted to stop the sale of a banned lamp holder adaptor. This action was based on information supplied by Lighting Council and our member network. 

In another case action was taken by multiple parties including SAI Global, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, and the Victorian Essential Services Commission after a supplier was reported for misusing their respective logos. The supplier has since removed these logos from their website.

Stronger enforcement action by regulators will improve consumer safety and reduce the number of non-compliant products on the market. Non-compliance undermines consumer trust in the industry and undercuts reputable suppliers. All reports are treated confidentially. Report non-conforming products here - source

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