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Lighting Council Chair Tony Todaro of Clevertronics re-elected for a further term

03 Feb 2020

In a unanimous vote, Mr Tony Todaro, has been re-elected as Chair of the lighting industry's peak industry body- Lighting Council Australia (LCA).

He was first elected to the role in 2016 and has served on the Board of Lighting Council for 16 years.

LCA has undergone considerable changes during Mr Todaro's time as Chair including the appointment three years ago of a new CEO, Richard Mulcahy, the opening of a Melbourne office-formerly located in Canberra, and the recruitment of key new staff.

 "A central feature of the changes include establishing an extensive Parliamentary relations programme which has enabled us to advance the concerns of our Members to key decision makers," Mr Todaro said.

"In 2020 we plan to continue to build on those valuable relationships we have established, as well as encourage State and Federal regulators to pursue the issue of compliance by the importers of lighting products.

"Compliance is still a front and centre concern for our Members who plead for a level playing field. Australian manufacturers are expected to adhere to complex standards and regulations and we expect the same rules to be applied to international competitors."

Lighting Council is also undertaking education programmes for the general public as well as contractors.

A series of educational seminars was held across four capital cities in 2019 outlining key elements of changes to the National Construction Code as it applies to lighting.

In addition, a new brochure is to be distributed through retailers to assist consumers and contractors purchasing LED lights-the brochure entitled the LED Buyer's Guide-is expected to be available from January onwards at leading lighting retailers.

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