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Commercial Solar Lighting Guide

01 May 2020


Lighting Council Australia has published its Commercial Solar Lighting Guide available for public access.

The informative guide seeks to address the lack of appropriate regulations and misinformation regarding these products which has resulted in unsatisfactory installations that may not provide the required amount of light, fail prematurely or have inadequate storage capacity. Fit-for-purpose solar lighting must be specifically designed to accommodate the situational conditions of the application.

The purpose of the guide is to assist and educate consumers in selecting solar lighting installations that will be fit-for-purpose and compliant to their required industry technical requirements or specifications. The guide is separated by the three main components that constitute a solar lighting installation; lighting, photovoltaic panels and batteries. Each section is supplemented with recommended ‘questions to ask your supplier' to encourage customers to engage with suppliers to ensure that their product will meet their needs.

A high level worked example is included to demonstrate the design process that is required when selecting a suitable solar lighting product, as well as some of the limitations of ‘off-the-shelf' or ‘all-in-one products'.

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