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Recycling of end-of-life light globes

06 Jul 2020

Lighting Council Australia reports that the ACT Government has taken action to support the appropriate recycling of end-of-life light globes for residents and small quantities. Although, the free recycling initiative excludes the collection of incandescent and halogen globes it is a positive step in increasing the national recycling rates of end-of-life mercury-containing lighting products.

Lighting Council Australia has for many years advocated for greater public access to end-of-life lighting collection points.

Disposal options now available in the ACT:

  • Up to 10 bulbs, tubes or globes (excluding phased-out incandescent globes and halogen) can be dropped off free at:

    -  Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre
    -  Mitchell Resource Management Centre

  • Ikea offers light bulb recycling through an in-store collection point.

  • Small quantities of incandescent globes (phased-out light globes) and halogens (phased-out down lights) can be wrapped in paper and disposed of in the rubbish bin.

For commercial quantities of globes, contact a specialist collection and recovery business which can be found at the Fluorocycle website.

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