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German start-up with new procurement channel for foundries

05 May 2014

With the independent alloys2b tendering platform which was introduced at the beginning of the year, a new procurement channel for raw materials is available to foundries. The tendering platform, which specializes in master alloys, alloys and unalloyed materials, is free of charge for buyers, who are also under no obligation to buy.

"The process followed in a call for tenders on alloys2b is not the same as that usually used, in which the lowest bid is automatically the winning one. Instead, the buyer is free to choose a bid and the associated supplier at any time. The decision as to the purchase and the supplier remains in the hands of the buyer" explains Juergen Wixler, founder and CEO of alloys2b GmbH.

Alloys2b aims to provide foundries with easier access to required raw materials and focusses on cost and time savings as well as the individual requirements of the foundries. For the first time the tendering platform possesses a database with selected standards, enabling calls for tenders to be created more quickly. The standards in the database and their compositions can be used in their original form or adapted to the specific requirements of the foundries. Other standard information needed for the call for tenders, e.g. delivery forms, can also be extended to include foundry-specific requirements. Even company-specific conditions of purchase can be uploaded and used where necessary. The complete creation of a call for tender is performed in four steps and takes only ten minutes. In the case of recurring requirements, this time can again be substantially reduced by the storage and use of draft calls for tender.

"The process followed in buying raw materials does not change when alloys2b is used. Requirements are announced, bids compared, and a supplier selected. Companies can even continue to buy from known and proven suppliers. On the other hand, the time spent in buying and the buying price will change" says Juergen Wixler.

The service provided by alloys2b covers the needs of foundries for easy access to required raw materials, without losing control of the buying process or having to assume risks. Furthermore, the alloys2b tendering platform meets today's highest security standards for data transfer. The tendering platform can also be used on mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets.

You can find further information on the alloys2b tendering platform at

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