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Casting Technology New Zealand Inc 2014 Conference

04 Jun 2014

Casting Technology's Annual Conference, held in Tauranga, New Zealand from 15 August to 17 August 2014, promises to provide a unique forum to share the latest international and national technological developments, as well as a wonderful opportunity to network and socialise with foundry experts.

This year Raymond Munroe, Executive Vice President of the Steel Founder's Society of America, is the Keynote speaker. His presentations will focus on economic conditions in the casting industry and technology for the future.

Jeff Meredith, Casting Solutions Pty, Australia, a well-known contributor to MCT magazine, will speak on topics including casting methoding, defect diagnosis and casting simulation for the practical foundryman.

A site tour has been organised for those that like to get out in the field.

For more information on submitting a paper to the Casting Technology NZ Conference contact Bill Lovell, Industry Champion

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