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MCT is online and iNTERACTiVE!

03 Aug 2014

 As a valued subscriber to the Metals Newswire we wanted to share some exciting news with you.

Metal Casting Technologies magazine is now available online - and it's free!

Metals online provides access to videos, photo galleries, direct links to products & websites plus more!

Register now at Metals online

We understand that some people prefer reading print magazines. If you would like to have Metal Casting Technologies magazine delivered directly to you visit Metals online and click SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page.

The subscription prices are outlined below.

  • Australia - A$75 (12 month subscription of 4 issues, includes GST, postage & handling)

  • Overseas - A$ 102.70 (12 month subscription of 4 issues, includes postage & handling)

September edition of MCT reports on the future trends in automated manufacturing

The upcoming September Who's Who of Metals' Asian Foundry Overview will report on the latest trends in manufacturing and how additive printing and robots will revolutionise the metal casting industry.

Also included in the Who's Who of Metals is a report on cloud-based simulation software and how it will pave the way for the future; a review on Cast Nano-composites ... and more!

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with the demanding global foundry market place and be seen in this special edition of MCT, the Who's Who of Metals.

Special packages are available to extend your reach.

Contact Adam Cail for space to clearly indicate that your company is "on Trend" for this new innovative world of metal casting. - +61 2 9420 2080

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