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80yo Company leads the way by adopting new technology

03 Aug 2014

Keech Casting, an 80-year-old foundry based in Bendigo, Victoria, is one of the few companies re-investing and innovating. The company is at the forefront of new 3D printing technology, recently starting a sister company, Keech3D. The company recently received a grant from the Victorian government's Investment in Manufacturing Innovation fund and is now the first commercial supplier of large format 3D printing in central Victoria.

The technology, also known as additive manufacturing or digital manufacturing, facilitates the manufacturing of solid three-dimensional objects from a digital model, saving extensive time and costs in traditional tooling.

"What it means for Keech is a faster and more affordable method to produce our patterns, producing savings which we can then pass on to our customers," the company says, insisting that 3D printing simply complements its traditional manufacturing methods and won't supersede them.

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