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Rick’s chain – an art item and a useful tool

02 Sep 2014

By Nev Murray, President Australian Master Patternmakers Association


The above photographs are of a cast ductile iron chain with individual links moulded and cast as an assembled chain in one mould and cast from one ladle in one pour. The job was completed in one day. Only the runner has been cut off, dressed, and the chain shot blasted.

The chain was sand moulded by Rick Teudt in August 2014 at a NSW ferrous foundry using old traditional moulders skills, showing that the traditional skills are not totally lost. The chain was not investment cast nor did Rick use lost foam. Rick is a mature age foundry supervisor who served his apprentice training as a moulder at a Sydney foundry in the early sixties, in the times of greensand, cupolas and hand moulding tools.

Can anybody in the industry equal this, or better it, using traditional foundry methods?

I can verify this, as I saw it cast, knocked out and shotblasted!

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