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Professor John Campbell OBE to hold seminars at AFI National Conference Adelaide Oval, 27 - 29 October 2017

15 Jun 2017

 The highlight of the conference will be a series of seminars from Professor John Campbell OBE.

John Campbell, OBE, is a British engineer and one of the world's leading experts in the casting industry with approximately 150 papers, and 20 patents.

Campbell holds two Masters Degrees from University of Cambridge and University of Sheffield, as well as two Doctorates from University of Birmingham.

He is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and he was appointed to the chair of Casting Technology at University of Birmingham.

The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers has named the "John Campbell Medal" after him.

An Englishman of Scottish descent, educated at Cambridge, Sheffield and Birmingham as a physicist and metallurgical engineer, he has spent most of his life in foundries where he thinks he has made more castings than he has had hot dinners.

He developed the Cosworth Casting Process for producing Al alloy cylinder heads and blocks for Formula One racing engines, using counter-gravity filling of moulds by electromagnetic pumps.  Later still, after 15 years as Professor of Casting Technology in the University of Birmingham, UK, he has worked for over ten years with his partner in the USA, John Grassi, to set up a new casting operation, Alotech Inc, helping to develop the new and exciting Ablation Casting Process. He gave the American Foundry Society annual Hoyte lecture in 2012 "Stop Pouring; Start Casting".  His "COMPLETE CASTINGS HANDBOOK" published in 2011, revised 2015, is not light bed-time reading, but is a bargain for the determined and fearless reader with an open mind.

For the conference, the new casting concepts to produce greatly improved quality together with reduced costs will be described. The benefits are non-trivial. We shall see how they have the potential to revolutionize not only our own foundries, but the whole metallurgical and mechanical engineering worlds.

For those wishing to support the conference or obtain a copy of the Sponsorship Prospectus please contact Don D'Angelo on 0448 106 664 or email

For further information on the conference or to register please contact Brad Walsh on 0458 280 520 or email

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