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NMT16063 Foundry Basic Metal Casting

28 Jun 2017



2017 Semester 2 - Course Outline
26/7/2017 to 30/8/2017

This course is an introduction to the Foundry processes of sand moulding, and the pouring of molten metal to produce a casting.

The course will provide training in the practical skills of basic sand moulding and casting practices.

You will receive training in the safe use of sand moulding chemicals and equipment, and in the safe practices for the melting and pouring of molten metals.

This course is not formally assessed. A certificate of participation will be provided on completion.

Six Wednesdays, 5:50pm - 9:00pm
26/7/2017 to 30/8/2017

Course Cost
$450.00 includes GST

O Block - Midland Campus
Lloyd street Midland

For further information contact:
Marina Brennan
T. 08 9374 6328

Lecturer: Moulding & Casting
Ken Scanlan
T. 08 9374 6310
M. 0402 379 032



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