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Metal Casting Technologies News

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Two new world-class plumbing training facilities to support retrenched automobile manufacturing and supply chain workers

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) has welcomed the announcement by the State Labor Party that they will support the development of two new facilities in Geelong and Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs.

Shadow Minister for Higher...

Safety should not go undetected

Safety is imperative in the metal manufacturing industry. This is why Pro-Visual Publishing, along with the Australian Industry Group,... Read more >>

ACA clarifies corrosion complexities

Corrosion is the naturally occurring deterioration of a material or its properties due to a reaction with the environment. It can cause dangerous and expensive damage to many types of structures including pipelines, bridges, buildings and ships. One... Read more >>

IBC Advanced Alloys Looks Set To Become A Major Disruptive Influence On The Beryllium-Aluminium Market

By Alastair Ford,

Beryllium. Hardly a word to set investors' pulses racing. Or at least, not until now. But Canadian-listed IBC Advanced Alloys looks set to change all that as it introduces a new... Read more >>

Quickstep to create automotive division in Geelong
Siemens challenges engineers to turn dream designs into 3D reality
Propeller blade manufacturer cuts energy used by a third
Why the Australian economy still needs manufacturing
Government supports automotive industry transition
Trade skills pathway manufacturing/engineering - Pilot Program