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GEMS Act Review

07 May 2018

The Australian Government is undertaking an independent review of the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act).  The GEMS Act is the basis for much of the federal environmental regulation of over 20 different types of energy-consuming products, from lighting to washing machines, dryers, chillers, motors, televisions and refrigerators.                        

Lighting Council Australia made a submission in response to the Discussion Paper released by the Department in February.  A full version of the submission can be seen here

The key issues raised by Lighting Council Australia included the ongoing failure of government regulators to stamp out non-compliant products being sold on the market; the imposition of high costs in bringing goods to the market which raises prices and reduces choice; and the overall inflexibility of the Act in providing commercially reasonable approaches to regulation.

Lighting Council Australia thanks members who contributed to the response.  A draft report is scheduled to be released by the Government Review Team in May/June 2018, with an industry roundtable to follow.  A final report is scheduled for release later this year, after an additional round of written submissions.  Members will be updated on these developments and will be encouraged to provide additional commentary at the next submission phase.

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