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Lighting The Way Video Series launched - a new, free resource for the street lighting and smart controls community

06 May 2018

IPWEA is excited to announce the launch of the Lighting the Way Series - a collection of 10 videos featuring interviews with some of the street lighting and smart control industry's preeminent voices, produced as part of our SLSC Programme.

The videos feature advice and insights from SLSC Council members: Philips, Light Source Solutions, Gerard Lighting and Cisco, and Technical Advisory Group members: Broadspectrum, Telensa, Electrix, OrangeTek, ENE.HUB and Schréder. Thanks to these companies for generously giving their time and sharing their expertise.

Topics covered in the videos are:

Topic 1: What colour temperature should we use?
Topic 2: Should we invest in LEDs now or wait?
Topic 3: Will buying luminaires in bulk save money?
Topic 4: What about glare?
Topic 5: What smart control communications approach should we use?
Topic 6: What's the business case for smart controls?
Topic 7: Should street lights be dimmed during off-peak hours?
Topic 8: What smart-city applications are made possible with smart controls?
Topic 9: What's the future of smart controls?
Topic 10: What's the future of the multi-function pole?
Bonus Topic: What do our partners think of the SLSC Programme?

The videos can be viewed here


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