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The illuminating projects of the 2019 Lumen Award winners

01 Jul 2019

Architectural lighting designers take the spotlight in the Illuminating Engineering Society NYC's yearly Lumen Awards, which were established in 1968 and have grown into a prestigious international event over the decades. During a recent gala, the IESNYC announced the 2019 winners in recognition for their professionalism, excellence, and originality in architectural lighting design. The 2019 theme, “Past and Future”, celebrates the legacy of professionals who shaped NYC's lighting design industry.

“This year marks the 113th birthday of the IES, which was founded right here in New York. Over the years, Lumen Award-winning projects have mirrored the changing times, tastes, new technologies, and energy concerns, and this year, we celebrate the future of lighting design,” IESNYC President Caleb McKenzie said during the gala.


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