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Global Lighting Association releases safety guidelines for UV-C disinfecting devices

01 Jun 2020

Germicidal ultraviolet irradiation is a proven methodology for inactivating viruses on solid surfaces, in water and in air. As such it is expected to be a useful tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. UV-C is a category of ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 100-280 nanometres and is the most effective UV light for disinfection.

While UV-C is helping to contain viruses, if not used properly it can pose risks to human health. GLA is concerned at the proliferation of UV disinfecting devices - particularly being sold on the internet - with dubious safety features and inadequate safety instructions.

Standardisation bodies are expected to develop comprehensive standards for the safe operation of UV-C devices. However, this process will take many months, if not years. In the interests of public safety, as an interim measure the Global Lighting Association has brought together industry experts and developed guidelines to assist users and manufacturers pending publication of these standards.

Position Statement on Germicidal UV-C Irradiation: UV-C Safety Guidelines may be downloaded from the Global Lighting Association's website.

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