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International Day of Light - Wednesday 16 May 2021

10 May 2021

Light is Life- celebrating the International Day of Light (IDL) 2021- Wednesday 16 May 2021

The International Day of Light is a global initiative that provides a platform for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture and art, education and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications and energy.

The International Day of Light will consist of coordinated activities on national, regional and international levels. Activities will be planned so that people of all ages and all backgrounds can gain an appreciation for the central role of light in science and culture, and as a cross-cutting scientific discipline that can advance sustainable development. Below is a selection of events.

Below are some selected events. To find more events please click here


deLIGHTed Talks: Good Light - Good Life

The Good Light Group, together with the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), the Daylight Academy (DLA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and Luger Research (LR), are organizing and presenting the "Good Light - Good Life" lectures. The webinar explains how good light indoors contributes to health and well-being.


Full details here

Contact: Siegfried Luger (Good Light Group)

Date:  11 May 2021  

Location:  Worldwide


Your Light Rights

In a world that is increasingly using light at night to advertise, inform and create safety, what can you do to minimise negative impacts. During the informative presentation, our two speakers will cover the following questions: * I've heard about an Australia & New Zealand Standard for obtrusive outdoor lighting, what is it? * Are there any other standards, policies or procedures that I should know about? * Where do councils, street lighting companies, lighting manufacturers, advertisers fit into the scheme of creating lighting policies and minimising light pollution? * I live in a strata building and have lights that are on all night, keeping me awake. What is the best way to rectify this? * Outside my house is a streetlight that has recently been upgraded to a more high-intensity luminaire. My attempts to get this rectified have been unsuccessful. Is there anything I can do? * Where can I go to learn more about the impact of lighting on the environment and where can I get advice on lighting?


Full details here

Contact: Marnie Ogg (Australian Dark Sky Alliance)

Date: 12 May 2021

Location: Sydney, Australia


Sydney Photonics Industry Network - An evening with the Industry Leaders

Celebrating the International Day of Light, the Sydney Photonics Industry Network is launching their inaugural event to establish a space for the Sydney optics and photonics industry to connect with each other. The goal of this event is to increase the social interactions between different companies in the optics and photonics field, as well as to show students the different technologies they could be working on and the career path they can take with their qualifications within Australia.


Contact: Katie Chong (Baraja Pty Ltd, Finisar Australia Pty Ltd)

Date: 21 May 2021

Location: Sydney, Australia


Rising Stars of Light

Rising Stars of Light is a worldwide campaign from Light: Science & Applications to promote promising young scientists in optics which attracted an audience of half a million in 2020. The 2021 campaign will be launched on 16 May 2021 with the final campaign on 8th-15th October via iCANX Talks.


Contact: Chenzi Guo   (Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Date: 16 May 2021

Location: Changchun, China



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